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Which devices can be used to apply the fire-retardant compounds? 
The intumescent fire-retardant materials shall be applied by devices designed for airless spray. For example, the high-pressure reciprocating units. Such equipment deals very well with application of the fire-retardant compounds without airless spray with almost any viscosity and a large part of solid residue. The fire-retardant mastics are applied by airless spray units or by modeling and plastering units. The impregnating compounds for wood can be applied by the pneumatic sprayer.

It is recommended to use for OBEREG materials:
Graco Mark V spray-painting device of airless spraying
Wagner reciprocating airless painting devices
HVYST Dino power AS pro airless painting devices, China
Date:  05/26/2016 05:48:00 pm
Is it possible to apply the fire retardant paint over the old one?
We can rephrase a question as follows: coating repair. The need to restore the fire-retardant coating occurs as a consequence of influence of the negative factors - mechanical damage to the coating, humidity influence on the unprotected structures, pollution during the production processes.
In the case of damage to the fire-retardant coating it is necessary to do the following:
- Clean up the damaged area up to the metal according to GOST 9.402-80 "Preparation of metal surfaces prior to painting" to the 2nd degree. The cleaning area must be greater than the damaged area by 20 cm on each side.
- Paint the surface with the coating ГФ-021 (GOST 25129-82). Prior to the application of the fire retardant paint the coating should be dried up to the 5th degree (GOST 19007).
- Paint with the fire-retardant compound "OBEREG-OMV" in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. The thickness of the dried coating should conform to the design values.
During operation of the fire-retardant coating under the conditions of high humidity (over 80%), temperature changes, as well as in the availability of corrosive media it is necessary to apply additional protective coating on the surface of the fire-retardant coating.
To apply additional protective coating it is possible to use varnishes and paints, resistant to weather conditions and corrosive media.
Before application of an additional protective coating you must ensure that there has been at least 72 hours since application of the fire-retardant coating at a relative humidity of 80% and an air temperature of + 20°C.

Date:  04/30/2016 04:52:00 am
Good day! It is required to replace NEOSPRAY for treatment of the metal frame of the building with the 2nd degree of fire safety with OBEREG. Will it provide the 2nd degree and what brand of paint should be used? Shall the treatment be carried out before or after the brick laying?
The fire-retardant paint OBEREG-OMV provides increase of fire resistance limits of the metal structures up to R 120 (the 2nd group of fireproof efficiency). For the building of the 2nd degree of fire resistance it is necessary to ensure the following fire resistance limits of the structures (construction norms and regulations СНиП 21-01-97*): bearing structures - R 90, staircases - R 60, intermediate floors - R 45. It is necessary to take into account the requirements of paragraph 5.4.3 of the design and construction specifications СП 2.13130-2012 in accordance to which the protection of the load-bearing structures of the building with the 1st-2nd degrees of fire resistance and with a given metal thickness of less than 5.8 mm shall be carried out only using the constructive fire protection. The treatment may be performed after the brick wall construction as the brick wall itself is a fireproof barrier.

Date:  03/16/2016 07:43:00 pm

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