Fire protection
Anti-corozion undercoat
Thermal insulation
Fire extinguishing powder
Fire-retardant treatment

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OBEREG Fire-fighting Equipment Plant

OBEREG Fire-fighting Equipment Plant LLC carries out the development, production and delivery of a full range of fire-retardant, bioprotective and waterproof compounds for wood, metal, reinforced concrete, air conduits, textile and cable products, including fire-retardant compounds, fire-retardant paint, fire-retardant varnish, fire-retardant impregnation, bioprotection, fire extinguishing agent and fertilizers.

OBEREG Fire-fighting Equipment Plant LLC has its own infrastructure, transport, research facilities, own batch and pilot production and warehouse complex.

High proficiency of OBEREG company specialists, modern equipment and system approach to the production development provide high quality and consumer-oriented properties of our fire-retardant compounds, fire-retardant paints, fire-retardant varnish, fire-retardant impregnation, bioprotection, fire extinguishing agents and fertilizers.

The good image of OBEREG Fire-fighting Equipment Plant LLC as a reliable partner is confirmed by the long-term and effective cooperation with many companies of wholesale trade, enterprises in the construction industry, forestry and wood processing industry. These companies implement the projects related to the complex fire protection and use a full range of OBEREG goods and services. The fire-retardant compounds, fire-retardant paint, fire-retardant varnish, fire-retardant impregnation, bioprotection, fire extinguishing agents and fertilizers have been highly appraised and received favorable reviews from our partners.

One of the main objectives that is pursued by OBEREG Fire-fighting Equipment Plant LLC is  to be as closer to the customers as possible and to have an opportunity to provide them with any fire-retardant materials and consultation on application at the right time. In the furtherance of this objective we have established the e-shop and feedback system on our web-site.


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January 30 in the Leninsky district of Novosibirsk caught fire one of the apartments on the second floor of the five-story building. Residents were evacuated from the house. To the house called the fire Department.
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For several years, visitors complain about the unsatisfactory condition of the Kuibyshev Central district hospital. The building has not known normal repair for a long time. The walls of the building inside and outside are covered with cracks, in many corners lives abundant mold.
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One of the most important aspects of our homes is the safety factor. Okay, we all love the idea of living in a beautiful house or apartment complete with awesome interior furnishings but the bottom line is always the same; how safe is your home? With this sobering thought in mind, let’s look at an extremely unobtrusive way to ensure that you and your loved ones are looked after should the unthinkable happen. Yes, we are talking about flame retardant exterior paint!
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The very thought of fire grips the mind with fear and panic. Overwhelming heat, suffocating smoke, loss of property, and above all else, the loss of life. The insurance company may be able to replace the material goods, but there are some things that money simply cannot replace – lives, lost time and items of sentimental value.Fire strikes when least expected. It can start just about anywhere without warning, taking one by surprise and causing panic.    
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