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Bazil Pavlovich
What is the life cycle of the fire-retardant varnish for wood OBEREG (certificate No.ССПБ.ru.OП061.В.00061 dated December 05, 2006)?
The service life of OBEREG VARNISH fire-retardant varnish for wood (BVP) is at least 10 years for inner and hidden surfaces operated under the dry or normal operating conditions in the facilities according to the Construction norms and regulations СНиП 23-02-2003.
According to the regulations of fire prevention regime (Resolution No.390 of the Government of the Russian Federation) the treated structures must be examined once per year. The sections during assessment of the quality of the wood fire-retardant treatment by the finishing compounds (paints, varnishes) shall not be made. During assessment of the fire-retardant treatment quality it is necessary to use the requirements specified in paragraph 3.3 of the Fire Regulations 232-96 "The procedure of control over compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents for fireproofing". The appearance and thickness of the layer of fire-retardant coating applied to the surface to be protected, must comply with the requirements of regulatory documents for this coating: delamination and cracks are not allowed.

Date:  03/14/2016 07:36:00 pm
There are wooden structures with a fire protection. The firemen wrote in the order that the remaining layer shall be examined twice per year. Is there somebody who faced with such a problem? How to perform this examination?
According to the "Rules of fire prevention regime" (Resolution No.390 dated April 25, 2012, as amended on February 17, 2014), the term of periodic examination of the fire retardant treatment quality of shall be at least once per year. In this case the appearance of the treated structures and quality of the fire-retardant treatment shall be estimated.
During assessment of the quality of fire-retardant treatment by compounds it is necessary to use the requirements stated in the Fire Regulations 232-96 "The procedure of control over compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents for fireproofing”:
Paragraph 3.3. "In order to determine the quality of the fire-retardant treatment of the metal structures, cables, wooden structures, protected with fire retardants, not related to the impregnating compounds, and
other materials it is necessary to carry out a visual inspection of the applied fire-retardant coatings in order to identify the untreated areas, cracks, delaminations, color changes, foreign spots, foreign inclusions and other damages, and also to measure the thickness of the applied layer. The appearance and thickness of the fire-retardant coating layer applied to the surface to be protected, shall comply with the requirements of regulatory documents in relation to this coating".

Date:  01/19/2016 09:43:00 pm
Viktor Pavlovich
Can I use any additives to change the color of impregnation? If yes, which of them can be used?

The impregnations can be tinted by any water-soluble dyes. For example, you can use the food dyes, it is easy to find tem in the retail chains.
It is not required to tint the decorative impregnations (OB-YANTAR).

Date:  12/22/2015 02:51:00 am

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