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Minimum quantity: 30 kg

Price per kg: 57 RUB


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TU 2149-003-73958298-2005

СС С-RU.PB47.В.00256

Fire extinguishing powder “OBEREG – ABCE” is designed for extinguishing fires of class A (solid flammable substances), class B (liquid flammable substances), class C (gaseous flammable substances), as well as for extinguishing electrified devices under up to 1000V voltage, suitable for both interior and open fires. Powder can be used in any climate zones, within -500С /+500С temperature range. Fire extinguishing powder is a homogenous flowing fine powder varying from white to light gray in color, with occasional creamy shade.


Property name

Normal value according to TU 2149-003-73958298-2005


Phosphates percentage by weight (calculated for Р2О5), no less than


Ammonium sulfate percentage by weight

0 - 15

Substances insoluble by hydrochloric acid percentage by weight

no more than 77,5

Moisture percentage by weight, no more than,


Dispersion, percentage of powder weight left on a net, according to GOST 6613-86: №1 (1mm), %

                         №01 (100 µm), no more than, %

                         №005 (50 µm), no more than, %


not present



Apparent density of non-compacted powder, kg/m3

no less than 700,0

Apparent density of compacted powder, kg/m3

no less than 1000,0

Weight increase during moisture absorption test, %

no more than 3

Clot weight percentage during caking tendency tests, %

no more than 2

Water repellency time, min

no less than 120

Fluidity, kg/s

no less than 0,28

Leftovers after complete ejection, %

no more than 10

Fire extinguishing capability according to NPB 170-98:

While extinguishing test fire 1А

While extinguishing test fire 55В




Breakdown voltage, kV, no less than




High dispersion of powder particles leads to them being in the air for extended periods of time, potentially causing irritation of mucous membranes of the upper airways.

Maximal acceptable concentration of a powder dust in the working area air is 6mg/m3. Any rooms designed for working with powder must be equipped with purge ventilation in accordance with SNiP(Sanitary norms and rules) 41-01-2003.

Any personnel busy with powder packaging and loading the extinguishing appliances, must be supplied with individual safety equipment: coats according to GOST 28507, masks according to GOST 12.4.028, safety goggles according to GOST R12.4.188.



    «OBEREG- (ABCE)» flame extinguishing powder is a fire-proof, explosion-proof, non-flammable product.

   Powder can be transported with all kinds of land, aerial and sea transport in accordance with the cargo transportation rules for the corresponding kind of transport.

   During transportation, casing protection from mechanical damage, direct sunlight, aggressive environments and atmospheric condensation is required.

   Loading and unloading operations should be held in accordance with GOST 12.3.009.

Freighting conditions are group 6 in terms of climate factors effects (GOST 15150-69), average in terms of mechanical factors effects (GOST 23170). 


Powder should be stored in intact manufacturer’s packaging in temperature range between -500С and +500С in a separate dry rooms. During the storage period, protection from mechanical and environmental damage, direct sunlight and any ways of moisturizing must be ensured.

Loading and unloading operations should be held in accordance with GOST 12.3.009.

Storage conditions are group 6 in terms of climate factors effects (GOST 15150-69), average in terms of mechanical factors effects (GOST 23170). During the storage and exploitation, no regulations are required.





   Product shelf life – 5 years since manufacturing and control committee approval.

   Manufacturer guarantees that the powder is applicable during the mentioned period considering that storage and transportation requirements were met. After expiration of guaranteed storage life, it is not recommended to use the powder without laboratory tests.



    “OBEREG – (ABCE)” fire extinguishing powder is being shipped in polypropylene bags with polyethylene liner, in accordance with TU 2149-003-73958298-05



The “OBEREG – (ABCE)” powder is labeled. The label is sewn into the packaging bag.

Label provides the following information:

- Product name;

- Net weight (kg);

- Manufacturer trademark;

- Fire safety compliance certificate;

- Manufacturer info, address and contact phone number;

- Manufacturing date and the batch number;

- Warning information.

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